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Champions Come Back 08-07-2017
Short Hills, NJ
written by: Marjorie
Results from the 65th Short Hills Invitational prove that sometimes champions have to make comebacks. Ana Brzova and Viki Stoklasova lost the first set to Kerri Delmonico and Lauren Gebbia before coming back to win the title by the score of 2-6, 6-4, 6-3. Not to be outdone, after dropping the first set 6-0, Drew Broderick and Jared Palmer fought back to defeat Juan Arraya and Max LePivert 0-6, 6-2, 6-1. Other weekend winners were Adrian Buckley and Rick Sahlman over Bobby Feher and Alex McDonald in the Men's B; Whitney Saunders and Haleh Shafaie over B Campbell and Ellis Siedem in the Women's B; [ read more ]

Women Ranked

With their victory at the Short Hills Invitational, Kerri Delmonico and Aila Main moved into the top slot in the rankings issued this week. SH Runners-up Heather Prop and Lynne Schneebeck sit in the #2 spot. Keri Flynn and Sue Tarzian, Cynthia Dardis and Amy Shay and Sally Cottingham and Liz Hayward round out the top five. Individual points earned are also listed, showing Prop at the top, followed by Delmonico, Flynn, Main, Mary Doten, Schneebeck, Tarzian, Dardis, Shay and Cindy Prendergast.     View the complete rankings here.

Short Hills Invitational
Short Hills Invitational

Short Hills , NJ
The 60th Annual Short Hills Invitational Platform Tennis Tournament - the longest running event in the history of the sport outside of Nationals - provided plenty of competition over three days and what seemed like two entirely separate seasons. Friday's play occurred under dry, gray skies, with Steve Griggs and Steve DeRose claiming the 95+ crown and Jodi D'Agostini and Claudia Mullett the Women's "B" title (title match on Sunday). Saturday was cold, icy, rainy, miserable weather...but play continued throughout the day. On Sunday, under beautiful blue skies, Kerri Delmonico and Aila Main topped Heather Prop and Lynne Schneebeck for the Women's Championship and Drew Broderick and Denny English knocked out their competition in the Men's Championship. See the full draws and some photos.

Short HIlls Club

Short Hills, NJ
Congratulations to Karen Gruenberg and Sally Allen and to Ivan Harlow and John Shehadi on their victories in the Short Hills Invitational on Friday. View the complete Women's B and Men's 95 draws.

Due to the impending storm, the Tournament Committee will be making a decision at 6:00 AM Saturday about possibly postponing some matches that day. The decision will be posted here shortly after that time.

Women's Senior Nationals
Women's 40s

Summit, NJ
Continuing their title run, Cynthia Dardis and Amy Shay claimed the Women's 40+ gold medals with an exciting and athletic 6-2, 7-6 victory over Bobo Delaney and Tonia Mangan. The pair recently won the Short Hills Invitational and the Atlantic Classic tournaments. The finals featured the mothers of three current junior National Champions - Emily Dardis, Alexandra Shay and Corey Delaney.

      Full draws:    Women's 40+      Women's 60+

National Rankings
Shay & Dardis

Ray Crosta and Aila Main have released Men's and Women's National Rankings following the Short Hills Invitational. These ranking positions determine which teams are ineligible to represent their region in Presidents Cup competition preceding this year's Open National Championships. Flip Goodspeed & Scott Mansager are again at the top of the Men's list and Cynthia Dardis & Amy Shay have taken over the #1 spot on the women's list.

 View complete:    Men's Rankings     Women's Rankings

Short Hills Invitational
Short Hills Men

Short Hills, NJ
When your partner is unavailable for a tournament, sometimes you stay home as well. Sometimes you pair up with someone else for the event. Seldom do things work out as well as they did this weekend for Anthony Cosimano and David Caldwell, who paired for the first time and defeated a strong field to win the Short Hills Invitational Men's Ranking tournament. With their victory in the Women's Ranking tournament, Cynthia Dardis and Amy Shay took over the top ranking.

Read about the rest of the weekend at Short Hills and see the full draws

2008 Short Hills Invitational Results
Short Hills Invitational
Short Hills NJ
Winners in the 2008 Short Hills Invitational are: Mens A David Keevins / Brian Uihlein. Womens A Sally Cottingham / Chris Sheldon. Mens B Gordon Teglas / Don Clark. Womens B Valerie Roger / Karen Kao. Mens 95+ Andy Sorrentino / John Stefanik. Mens 115+ Steve Griggs / Ivan Harlow. Full results can be found by clicking on above links, pictures and story to follow soon.

Short Hills Invitational

Short Hills, NJ
The frigid temperature was as much a topic of conversation as the play at the 56th Annual Short Hills Invitational. Lauren Zink and Cindy Prendergast returned to action and captured the crown with an entertaining three set victory over Sally Cottingham and Chris Sheldon. In the Men’s Ranking event, the top 2 teams met for the crown, with David Caldwell and Blake Cordish defeating Dan Rothschild and John Schmitt. 6 champions were crowned over the three days, click here for full story, results and photos.

Short Hills Invitational 95+

Short Hills , NJ
The Short Hills Invitational Tournament added a Men’s 95+ event this year, and all involved consider it a success.  Five of the 16 teams were father-son combos – Browne, Cochrane, Crosta, Estes and Ruppert – who are now promoting the idea of a Father-Son tournament.  The snow and sleet that was predicted for Friday morning did not arrive until late afternoon, allowing most matches to be played under ideal circumstances.  Most of the crowd stayed on the porch for the final, however, as the weather turned very wet and cold.  Andy Sorrentino and John Stefanik defeated both seeded teams – Scott and Scott Estes in the semifinals and Gary and Mike Cochrane in the finals – to take home the crown.  photos and results

Short Hills Invitational
Short Hills Invitational

Short Hills, NJ
Kerri Delmonico and Aila Main have not lost a match since their fifth place finish at the Chicago Charities in November. They added another title this weekend, winning the Short Hills Invitational.

The exciting Men’s final featured a 3-setter, with Dave Ohlmuller and George Zink winning another title.
read more and view completed draws

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