This is an easy to use league that allows team captains or managers the ability to report their own scores, rosters and more so you don't have to. Division leaders or representatives can be assigned to divisions to enter scores if the captains don't want to. Everything is done in real time, all stat tracking, scores, team standings, player standings, and results are on the site as soon as they are entered by the captains. Data is saved and archived year after year, so visitors can go back and see how a player progressed from then until now. If you have another league system, we make it easy to transfer old data into your new system. We will train your captains and staff to use the new system.

There is an advanced scheduler that generates schedules based on limitations of clubs. Such as if a club cannot have any home games on a specific week or can only have 2 home games on a specific week with 6 teams playing at the club. The scheduler can also take the first half results, move teams up or down automatically and flip home / away teams to away / home. Traditional round robin schedules can also be created automatically. There is also a schedule checker to ensure there are no errors.

Admins and representatives can mass email captains straight from the system, export emails to send via traditional emails, set doubles and or singles leagues, set the amount of matches your league has per week. If your league has it, we have it and if not we will add it for you free of charge. If the admin wants, captains can even have the ability to email their teams.

All of that and it still works on a smart phone.

For further information or to setup a free demonstration, please contact geoffrey@paddlepro.com

Now please take a detailed look at each one of the league sections and screen shots below.



  • This page shows a list of all captains, even if captains are shown on several other pages including the specific team pages.
  • Captains have the ability to edit scores and rosters for every team using their roster.
  • Captains, alternates and managers all have their own ability to log in and change their information, their password, add new captains to their team, or delete others. Admins can do the same for all team captains.
  • There is even a setting for managers to manage their teams, but to not be seen as a captain.
  • Every captain that is added receives a randomly generated password and has the ability to change it.
  • At the top, there is a division and year filter to find who you're looking for and from what year.
  • Admins can upload a .csv file and mass add captains.


  • The schedule page shows every game and every date.
  • Captains, alternates, managers, admins, representatives and leaders can all report scores.
  • Admins can set deadlines to report scores in the admin controls, but if someone marks a weather delay, the reporters have extra time to report the matches. Admins can set a deadline for weather delays as well.
  • There are weather delays that will allow captains, alternates and managers to post a game after a deadline.
  • Admins can edit or delete dates from the schedule.


  • Admins, captains, alternates, managers, representatives and leaders can all enter or delete scores. Captains, alternates and managers have deadlines set by the admin to report scores by.
  • People entering scores will select players from drop down rosters so everyone's name is correct. They can enter scores, defaults, weather delays, retirements and the position / court of the match.
  • The system keeps a look out for complications such as the same player playing twice in one week or even jumping two or three divisions higher in a week's time. If you have a rule for it, it can be done!
  • At the bottom of the page there is a list of other matches from the same meet so you know and see what has been reported already.


  • The system keeps every result from every game and can even take imported results from spreadsheets. Every match, every game. You can also see results on player pages and team pages.
  • There are filters for division, year, team and notes (played, unplayed, weather delay, default and so on).
  • Admins, captains, alternates, managers, representatives and leaders can all edit or delete scores of any result.


  • This is the place where admins, captains, alternates, managers, representatives and leaders go to log in.
  • If someone has lost their password, a new password can be emailed to them automatically.


  • Not just a forms page, but downloadable files for everything. Excel, word documents, pdfs and more.
  • Admins have the power to upload anything they like.


  • Keep track of how many visits your league has had, when, where they went and what browser and platform they used


  • Captains have the ability to upload not only player photos, but team and event photos. Completely optional of course.
  • The 3 most recent photos of a team will show on its team page.
  • From those 3 recent photos, visitors can click on the team gallery to look through all of the photos.
  • Captains, admins, reps and leaders can add limitless galleries, assign keywords to photos, move them and delete them.


  • Payment sent / received mode makes it easy to keep the communication flowing.
  • Captains can confirm that they've sent payment and admins can confirm they've received payment.
  • When an admin confirms the payment, the captains of that team are then automatically emailed.
  • Admins see on the team page who has sent payment and who they've received payment from.


  • There is always a menu at the top and for normal guests, they will see a drop down selection of what team is their own. This will save a setting to recognize their team and see pertinent information about the team.
  • Captains and managers have their own menu including easy access to see their team page, their roster, their captains, their schedule and score reporting, and the ability to change their password. Captains also see notifications with issues they need to address such as weather delays and matches with players that need names.
  • Admins, representatives and leaders have a special menu at the top that includes the easily update teams, add captains, mass email captains, schedule and report scores, controls, and change their password.
  • Captains and managers will easily see if they need to report scores for a particular meet and disappears when all scores have been reported.


  • Some leagues require special menus for various things such as moving up or down, tournament draws, online forms and other things. The special menu is where everything not included with the system will go.
  • Have a sponsor or a Facebook page? It can all be included in the admin controls.
  • Admins can even enter html into their menu to add a new dimension.


  • The homepage has news, standings and an calendar of events / team play schedule. It contains a lot of pertinent information at a glance.
  • Admins can update news on the homepage.
  • Admins can select what to show on the homepage between the top teams of all divisions or all team standings from one division.
  • Admins can set events to show up on the calendar of events. Things like deadlines, meetings and schedules should be added. Players will also see their schedule on the calendar of events.
  • Admins can also change the .css to update the look, feel, and colors of the website or just tell us, and we will make it happen free of charge.
  • Admins can also update the keywords to the website in order for search engines to find and properly index the pages.
  • Admins will see the latest system news and updates on the bottom of the page.


  • Just for admins, there is a special control panel that allows you to change the type of league, if it is doubles and or singles, terminology (series or divisions, leaders or representatives), reporting deadline, weather delay deadline, league finish date, allow player pics, show the #1 teams on the homepage or all teams in one division on the home page, division names and so on.
  • Admins can send out mass emails to all captains including personalized greetings. The mass emails get sent one by one to ensure less chance of being flagged as spam. There is even an export function to get all email addresses in a clump to send them via traditional email.
  • Admins can also update helpers that have admin, representative or leader status.
  • Finally, admins can also assign admin status to specific captains for specific pages.


  • Admins can update the teams, assigning them rosters, club names, divisions, names and short names.
  • Everyone else will see the team information, rosters, club names, their next match and what date the match will take place.
  • While in the teams page, you can click on a team, roster or club to see more information about them.
  • There are also filters for teams, divisions and years to look into the past or focus on something specific.
  • Admins will be able to see team updates and follow new teams, old teams, and teams that move up or down including who made the changes and when.
  • Teams can even be assigned regions for leagues that need them.


  • Everyone will see team captains, and alternates. Team managers are hidden.
  • After that, you see a schedule of the team's matches along with the score.
  • All results from the team are displayed and their wins and losses are highlighted.
  • At the bottom of the page is a listing of player standings for the team. From here you can click on individual players.
  • The team page has a filter to show you a specific year from that team's history.
  • There is even a .csv export for team results and player standings in the team.


  • When a new season is about to begin, confirm mode is an easy way for captains to log in and confirm they want to play in the next season.
  • We also make free custom forms for leagues that need them for returning teams.
  • The teams page shows admins which teams have confirmed they will be returning and which have not.
  • Admins can confirm for captains.
  • When using confirm mode, the public can see which teams have confirmed and which have not.


  • The standings page shows teams by division or series in their ranking. Ranking. can either be done by wins and losses or points. Some leagues have wanted half points for weather delays.
  • There is also a .csv export to save the standings and view them in Excel.


  • The player search page shows every player from the league with a year filter to show players from previous years.
  • The page shows complete stats from players and their rosters including wins, losses, sets won, lost, their last position / court, win percentage, points and last division played.
  • At the top there is a search function to narrow down hundreds or thousands of players.


  • The player page shows all recorded results for that player, highlighting wins and losses.
  • At the bottom there is a player standings with everyone that player has ever teamed up with.
  • Databases can be imported to show results over decades. The NJMPTA has results from over 14 years.


  • Admins, captains, alternates, managers, representatives, and leaders can edit rosters. Captains, alternates and managers can only update their own roster.
  • Not just that, but each player can have an email for them and even a player photo to go next to their name on the roster. If an admin does not want to allow player profile photos there is an option in the admin controls to cancel that out.
  • Visitors will see a complete list of players on a roster including their stats. From there they can click on players to visit the player page and learn even more.


  • Admins can add, edit or delete any of the clubs listed on the page.
  • There is an easy to use search function at the top.
  • Each club displays how many courts for the sport are located there and what team uses that club and considers it home.
  • There are directions from maps.google.com or a map url can be specified by admins.
  • Each club has several fields of information including, address, website, phone number, specific directions, rules, comments seen by the public and notes that only admins will see.
  • When someone searches for a specific court they will see a Google map of that club and the club's local weather.


  • If any visitor has a question, they can ask it here and the system will search through a database to find their answer.
  • If there is no answer to the question, admins can always make an answer and it will be emailed to the person that asked it. The ability for askers to leave their email address is optional.


  • This is an extensive guide for the system as to what admins, captains, alternates, managers, representatives and leaders can do and how to do it.


  • Admins can edit the rules page to specify rules. It is as easy as that.


  • Admins can edit and update contact information for themselves or the board so guests of the site will know who to contact.


  • Visitors to the site can see the overall schedule for all divisions and series. They can filter results by division / series, year, team and club.
  • The .csv export will make a downloadable file to print out based on the active filter results. So if a team wants only their team's schedule to download, they can have it. If a club wants all 6 of its teams printed out, they can have it easily.
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